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Training of two BULABNET core member on PCR diagnosis

The BU-LABNET coordinating center (Centre Pasteur du Cameroun.) have trained two biologists from the Pasteur Institute Bangui of the Central African Republic and the National Public Health Laboratory of Congo on PCR diagnosis for buruli ulcer.
This training held at the Centre Pasteur du Cameroun facility from the 30th August to 3rd September 2021.

Sponsored by FAIRMED as part of the OCEAC NTD project, both countries will start confirming BU cases.

Launch EQA Program
Launch EQA Program

WHO has received financial support of 384,086 EUR from Anesvad Foundation.
This is a 4 years (2021-2024) funding which will support activities of the Buruli ulcer Laboratory Network (#BULABNET) in the areas of :

  • Expert technical support visits to member laboratories;
  • Capacity building of network members;
  • Annual meeting of the BU Lab network;
  • Technical Audit of Coordinating Center;
  • Integration of other skin NTDs.

The funding and planned activities would contribute to expand access to diagnostics for poor and vulnerable populations that are affected by #SkinNTDs and improve the health system in affected areas.

Immense gratitude to Anesvad for contributing to this novel initiative of the BULABNET

Launch EQA Program
Launch EQA Program